Non-Profit Organizations in Philadelphia: What Services Do They Offer?

Non-profit organizations are entities that use their surplus revenue to further their mission or purpose, rather than distributing it to the organization's directors as profits. In Philadelphia, there is a wide variety of non-profit organizations that provide a range of services to the community. The Company offers consulting, training, monitoring, staffing and travel security services to customers around the world. The American Bible Society publishes and distributes interdenominational translations of the Christian Bible and provides study aids and other tools to help people interact with it.

EducationWorks engages children and young people by providing high-quality educational programs that make the school day complete and engage disconnected young adults in education. The American Board of Internal Medicine is a self-proclaimed, nonprofit 501 medical evaluation organization that certifies doctors who practice internal medicine and its subspecialties. The Wistar Institute is the first independent institution in the country dedicated to medical research and training. It has evolved from its inception as a museum for anatomical education to its current status as an international leader in basic biomedical research. In 1972, the Wistar Institute was designated the Cancer Center of the National Cancer Institute in basic research, a distinction it maintains to this day.

Wistar's discoveries have led to the development of vaccines against rabies, rubella and rotavirus, the identification of genes associated with breast, lung and prostate cancer, and the development of monoclonal antibodies and other important technologies and research tools. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is an art museum originally created in 1876 for the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. With national offices in Louisville, Kentucky, the Presbyterian Church focuses on the church's domestic and international missionary work. It serves and works with congregations, presbyteries, and synods as the central provider of resources that enable individuals, congregations, and governing bodies to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. The work at the Presbyterian Center is carried out by approximately 325 staff members who provide general support for the church's mission. The Nonprofit Financial Fund (NFF) serves mission-driven organizations with personalized investments, strategic advice, and accessible information.

As an intermediary for a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a trusted advisor in the social sector for 33 years, the NFF has partnered with a wide range of public and private capital providers to develop and implement innovative and effective ways to increase capital flow to a chronically undercapitalized social sector. Throughout this time, they have also worked closely with service providers to equip them with the skills and capacity needed to convert capital into meaningful and positive outcomes for the individuals, families, and communities they serve. Starting in 1952 as a support group for former mental health patients, Horizon House is committed to helping people live full lives in the community - the life they want and deserve. The pioneering spirit of Horizon House founder Marcella Schmoeger has remained at the heart of their work. Horizon House has responded to people's needs by expanding its reach of programs and services for adults with behavioral health needs, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and those experiencing homelessness. Its goal is that all those they serve have the opportunity to grow, form a community, and have quality of life. It is a national non-profit corporation founded in 1978 in the United States that is committed to serving veterans' needs.

The following organizations provide valuable guidance and assistance to individuals and non-profit organizations: The Regional Foundations Center (RFC) of BRIC (Center for Business Resources & Innovation) at Free Library of Philadelphia houses largest collection of publicly accessible print & electronic resources on fundraising, nonprofit management, general philanthropy & institutional advancement. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is a non-profit medical research organization that aims to promote biomedical research & science education. From expert consulting to on-site group education, their ultimate goal is to strengthen capacity of nonprofit organizations so they can survive & thrive in increasingly competitive environment. The Nationality Services Center prepares & empowers immigrants & refugees in Philadelphia region to overcome challenging circumstances by providing comprehensive & client-centered services to build solid foundation for self-sufficient & dignified life. Urban Affairs Coalition is a non-profit organization that unites government, businesses, communities & individuals to improve quality of life in region & generate wealth in urban areas. In conclusion, non-profit organizations in Philadelphia offer an array of services such as consulting, training, monitoring staffing & travel security services; publishing & distributing interdenominational translations of Christian Bible; providing high-quality educational programs; certifying doctors who practice internal medicine; promoting biomedical research & science education; preparing & empowering immigrants & refugees; uniting government businesses communities & individuals; providing personalized investments strategic advice & accessible information; equipping service providers with skills & capacity needed; helping former mental health patients live full lives; serving veterans' needs; housing largest collection of publicly accessible resources on fundraising nonprofit management general philanthropy & institutional advancement.