Finding Resources for Non-Profit Organizations in Philadelphia

Are you looking for ways to help your non-profit organization in Philadelphia? The Regional Foundations Center (RFC) of the BRIC (Center for Business Resources and Innovation) at the Free Library of Philadelphia is a great place to start. It houses the largest collection of publicly accessible print and electronic resources in the city on fundraising, nonprofit management, general philanthropy, and institutional promotion. The RFC offers free and low-cost workshops and programs, public access to electronic resources, and a comprehensive collection of printed materials. In addition, the PHL COVID-19 Recovery Fund provides grants to organizations in the greater Philadelphia area with a successful history of serving at-risk populations.

Expert consulting and on-site group education are available to help strengthen the capacity of nonprofit organizations to be stronger and better able to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Participants will learn strategies to design a plan that best reflects the needs and resources of their organization, including presenting arguments in favor, creating an action plan, and tips for diversifying the organization's fundraising base. The Office of Corporations and Charitable Organizations of the Pennsylvania Department of State has prepared a guide to business registration in Pennsylvania. This guide outlines the general and specific responsibilities of vital functions on an organization's board of directors. It also provides information on tax sponsorship, which is an alternative to the formation of a 501c (organization).

The Wayfind Your Nonprofit board of directors has prepared a Legal Checklist for non-profit organizations to help ensure that non-profit organizations are on the path to good legal health. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office has prepared a Pennsylvania Attorney General's Manual for non-profit charities. Finally, D., C. Bar Pro Bono Center has prepared a webinar on how to improve your organization's governance. When it comes to finding grants, there are 10 important things you need to know.

These include who funds nonprofit organizations and their motivations; what funders really want to know about the organizations they are interested in funding; and how to identify potential funders and what is the first approach. Renewal dates for charitable organizations are based on the end of the organization's fiscal year. Finding resources for your non-profit organization in Philadelphia doesn't have to be difficult. With the help of the RFC, PHL COVID-19 Recovery Fund grants, guides from the Office of Corporations and Charitable Organizations of the Pennsylvania Department of State, Wayfind Your Nonprofit board of directors, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office, D., C. Bar Pro Bono Center, and other organizations, you can find all the resources you need to make your non-profit successful.