Securing Funding for Non-Profit Organizations in Philadelphia

Are you looking for ways to secure funding for your non-profit organization in Philadelphia? With the right resources and guidance, you can find the right grants and other sources of funding to help your organization reach its goals. The Common Grant Application (CGA) is an excellent tool to simplify the process of obtaining grants. It allows non-profits to create a single application that can be adapted to multiple funders. The Regional Foundations Center (RFC) of the BRIC (Business Resource and Innovation Center) of the Free Library of Philadelphia is home to the largest collection of publicly accessible print and electronic resources in Philadelphia on fundraising, nonprofit management, general philanthropy, and institutional promotion.

These resources can provide invaluable assistance and advice to individuals and non-profit organizations. Non-profits that demonstrate excellence in community participation, leadership, governance, and tax practices are given priority. The City of Love Fund is a great option for organizations that aim to make a more noticeable and measurable impact on the communities and families they serve. The Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial grants support programs where a modest grant can play an important role and have significant objectives relative to the total resources dedicated to them.

The Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) is one of the major players in Pennsylvania's nonprofit landscape. PANO's work “amplifies the impact of the community benefits sector through promotion, collaboration, learning, and support.” Program grants are awarded to organizations that seek to increase measurable skills and the diversity of opportunities for senior staff and boards of directors of nonprofit organizations, as well as strengthen their organizational capacity and leaders in the areas of governance, management, planning, civic participation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Ertz Family Foundation created the “City of Love” Fund to help Philadelphia-area charities continue to serve those in need. The awards are mainly given to organizations with projects or programs that are physically located in the Philadelphia area.

Carefully read through the criteria contained in the applications to determine which funding source is most suitable for your organization. Grassroots organizations offer valuable programs in their respective communities; however, many of these charities lack the funding needed to expand their programs. It is essential to complete and submit this report if your organization plans to request funds in any subsequent funding year. YWR provides resources and support to students who identify as women and focus on the empowerment and enrichment of young women at Philadelphia Futures.